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Risk Free

A Completely Program Book A Sale

• Our talented art department will work directly with you to create a high quality, personalized design absolutely free, without you ever needing to leave your home or office.

• We’ll help you choose top quality, name brand Spirit Wear products that you would like to offer, and help you figure out a profit margin that works best for your school.

• We’ll provide you  printed samples, to display during your sale with your custom design, a custom order form for each student and staff member at no cost, and qualifying schools will receive a Custom Webstore!! This will enable you to easily take orders.

We make it easy for you, your school, the students and faculty!

Countrywide Spiritwear has developed the perfect School Spirit Wear Program - the original.

We make it simple and provide everything you need to make

your program a big success! Here’s how it works:

• After the sale ends, you simply send us the completed order forms.

• We tally your entire order! We invoice you and then professionally print and individually bag each order… by  student  AND classroom for easy distribution.

• Once your order is ready, we ship it order absolutely FREE! (with pre-paid order). You can do it all from the comfort of your home or office and have no obligation to buy. You really have nothing to lose!

To get started, click here to book your sale today!